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MSC Bethancourt is a professional development organization focused on developing and encouraging a passion for learning. Students from all backgrounds are brought together and given the opportunity to receive knowledge they might not be exposed to in their academic studies. MSC Bethancourt aims to prepare students for a dynamic global society through interactive meetings, professional insights, and programs.

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MSC Bethancourt provides cross-discipline, professional exposure, and diversity of thought for Texas A&M students through development events and campus-wide programs.


In 2013, John and Debbie Bethancourt contributed an endowment for a new student organization in the Memorial Student Center at Texas A&M University. This dynamic leadership program developed its mission and vision in the spring of 2014 under the inaugural executive team, and the 2014-15 school year will be the first year of full operations with the initial class of Bethancourt “Associates.”


During the creation of MSC Bethancourt, the students and MSC staff involved with the vision-casting process noticed a gap in many students’ educational experiences. While technical knowledge gained in traditional classroom settings is often on-point at Texas A&M, students do not always receive the cross-discipline and hands-on learning experiences that will sharpen and distinguish them beyond college. MSC Bethancourt aims to expand students’ learning horizons by providing awareness and exposure to new lines of work, global developments, and challenging perspectives. Through various activities and initiatives, MSC Bethancourt hopes to unite students from various educational backgrounds in a pursuit of knowledge that will allow them to think in new ways and consequently impact society in their respective future endeavors.

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